Decreased maintenance expenditures

Decreased maintenance expenditures and vehicle wear and tear:

With out a proper fleet management system, vehicles are generally serviced at regular intervals, notwithstanding of whether the vehicle is actually needing continuation. A fleet tracking system will monitor each vehicle and send alerts to notify you each time a vehicle requires repairs or maintenance. This assists to reduce excessive tire and engine deterioration which will extend the life of one’s trucks and equipment.

Decreased insurance expenditure and liability:

Most insurance companies offer a discount to businesses utilizing GPS tracking devices inside their fleet vehicles. Verifiable vehicle data will help to protect your company against frivolous lawsuits. Fleet management systems also can lower your liability from accident claims and worker’s compensation costs.

Enhanced Consumer Service

Real-time vehicle traingdata may be used to verify driver deliveries and the quantity of time spent at each location. Dispatching will have a way to re-route drivers at a moment’s notice which will allow you to respond faster to customer inquiries.

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